Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday News ------- July 23rd, 2010

The CAA Media Day on July 28th is coming up. I just tried the streaming audio for ESPN 1370 and it worked for me. I previous years the Hofstra radio station was the lead audio link.


Speaking of the CAA, the CAA blogger has an article about Delaware's Pat Devlin being named to the Unitas Golden Arm Watch List.


Craig Haley has his latest FCS column up. He notes that "The NFL travels through Orono, Me"


New CAA program Old Dominion loses four players.


There will be a number of good FCS-FCS games this season. There will even be some competitive FCS-FBS matchups. ESPNU is televising the Alabama-Georgia State game. Arrgghh!



Anonymous said...

Just a brief note of "Friends For UMass Football"

I always wonder what this organization's real objective is. Do they have any goals or objectives or are they in a state of "everything is fine" the facilities are fine and it is ok if the money they raise is spent on new employees for the athletic dept. There are so many ways that we need to increase our football facilities - and if we don't - we will be the next team that will give up all hope of competing with the CAA teams.

From their website -
"Since the start of our organization we have been able to help, provide and assist the UMass Football program with the following:

1. New Weight/Conditioning Room
2. Pinnacle/Digital Video Sport System
3. New Field Turf at McGuirk Stadium
4. Permanent Stadium Lights"

Those projects are done.

It is time for this organization to take the lead in upgrading our stadium and provide the bells and whistles that other schools have to encourage recruits to think of UMass first. As a minimum we need an indoor 120 yard field that every other team could use.

Anonymous said...

Hello Frank,

I would like you to guide us in what you think the upgrade priorities are and where we should direct our donations. Thanks for a great, if not the best, website.

Anonymous said...

Umass needs to re do the locker rooms next. new locker room, film rooms, coaches offices, study hall the works. you can put it all in one spot right behind the stadium. you have the land behind the stadium to do it just a matter of money.

Anonymous said...

You all should come to the annual golf tournament this Monday at Wachusett Country Club. Its a great way to voice your opinion where you want "Friends For UMASS Football" money to go. I agree, we need to get our facilities in better shape if we want to compete. Our coaches are in trailers for God sakes. If Im a recruit I look at that and see NO COMMITMENT from the University.

Anonymous said...

Friends OF UMass Football (get the name correct), has nothing to do with hiring employees or paying employees for the athletic dept. They have continually used the money to update the facilities, which as you pointed out, they have in fact done. There have also been a new scoreboard and sound system installed. Stop acting like nothing is happening. Why they don't update their website with new projects, I have no idea. But it took so long to raise money for lights and turf, the projects obviously aren't going to be anything huge.

There is no need for an indoor field, plus if the athletic department has their way and the Champions Center gets built that will have an area for that. There is much more of a need for offices for the coaches. They have to hold meetings in storage closests the visiting locker room and bathrooms. Anything like that would be a larger project though, and not much of a chance of raising money for that.

UMass74 said...

With the recession on, any gift to UMass Football would be an huge help. So would purchasing a season ticket.

I've been a member of Friends of Football since it started. The members have dug into their pocket for years to support the team.

Contributing funds through a organization such as Friends has a "multiplier" effect as it indicates a constituency for football.

The administration at Hofstra dropped football because they thought they could get away with it ---- and they were right.

IMHO, UMass' field house could really use an upgrade. The administration is aware of that fact.Given the recession, the main goal is to be still playing football in 2015. When things improve, we can think about major projects.

I just sent in my annual dues for Friends. I would suggest all UMass football fans try to contribute SOMETHING even if it's a small amount (or directly to the Athletic Dept if, for some reason you don't like the Friends).

Saying other people should do something does not cut it in my book.

Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

Frank are you going to dinner tonight? Mike

UMass74 said...

Yes, I'm going to the dinner, but not the golf.