Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday News --- July 31st, 2010

Good Morning from New Holland, PA where I am accompanying Mrs. Blog on an emergency shopping trip.

UMass Captain Emil Igwenagu is the subject of this article from


The Virginia Gazette has a story on UMass' opening foe William & Mary. The Tribe was picked second in the preseason CAA poll.


Delaware feels good about their chances in the CAA this year.


The Richmond Times has some notes about Richmond, JMU and William & Mary.


A Michigan fan wants Rich Rodriguez to win eleven games or go home.



Anonymous said...

not showing any faith in havens as the starter, if they had faith in him they would have named him captain.

vetteson said...

Coach Morris has a lot on his plate this year. And he's going to be called out on every decision. He must show he has matured as a head coach, get a lot of new players to work together, many of whom will be with the team just one season, and prevent the loss of confidence/ focus of his pick for QB (likely Havens). If he can pull out a winning season, I think that will be good.

Anonymous said...

Can you post a tentative 2-deep or 3-deep depth chart and update it in 30 days or before the first game? Would give us an idea what our team will look like.

Anonymous said...

"Pulling out a winning season" has never been the goal of UMASS football!!

Anonymous said...

Frank, I thought you were only going to allow positive posts on here for UMass fans and not for the people who obviously know nothing about UMass Football and UMass traditions. We need to have the supporters of UMass Football here not a venue for the naysayers!

UMass74 said...

I want the UMass Football Blog to be a positive place, but I think we are strong enough to take some criticism.

You should see the stuff I AM stopping. I've never moderated any post critical of me. The coaches are adults and are paid. If you go sub .500 there is going to be some griping.

I figure most UMass fans and family can figure out if the poster knows anything about football or not. From what I see, most don't.

Again, I usually stop at least one comment a day for being WAY over the top.

At one time, I ran a poll asking if readers wanted me to close comments or moderate tighter. The poll was solidly in favor of the current system.

New readers should realize that some of the commenters who say "we" and try to indicate they are from UMass ---aren't.

Recently, was closed because of bad behavior by some Delaware fans. I don't know what some people get out of being continually pissy, but it seems to be pretty universal.

Everybody stay positive. I am. Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

Frank, I would not say that is 100%true. Lately,I notice you do a better job of deleting comments inappropriate. You have in the past let people slander, flat out lie and make personal attacks on players, coaches and administrators character that are simply not true.
Criticism is one thing on a play, throw, a coaches call an overall evaluation of a team performance etc....but when it becomes personal, thats where it should stop. Put some comments up of people who actually know football and the players, not guys who sit at home with nothing to do but gripe, finger point and complain. Usually those are the guys who never played the game anyway or have no idea what the game is about...HA HA.

UMass74 said...

You have in the past let people slander, flat out lie and make personal attacks on players, coaches and administrators character that are simply not true.

Uh, every comment ever made on this blog is available in the archives. I don't think you'll find any of the above.