Monday, May 12, 2008

UMass played the ninth toughest schedule in '07

The NCAA toughest schedule rankings are here (pdf). UMass was ranked 9th in overall schedule toughness in 2007 based on the results of its opponents.

Some interesting results there.

The San Diego Toreros fans were furious that they did not get an at large bid. Their schedule rank---98 out of 110 FCS teams.

Everybody was surprised at undeafeated McNeese State's losing in the first round of the playoffs. Their schedule rank----107 out of 110 teams.


Anonymous said...

Interesting link regarding SOS.

Montana at #92. Maybe if they had tested themselves earlier they wouldn't have flamed out at home in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

I have been a UMass football season ticket holder for over 30 years, and have reached the point where I am disappointed in the level of football my alma mater plays. If you look at the SOS list there are at most six state flagship schools. The vast majority of the other schools belong to what I call the weathervane society..Northeast, Southwest, Northern, Southern, etc.

Anonymous said...

anonymous #2 has got it right. There is something wrong the the ad and how the schedule is put together. They have excuses. It would be better if they performed what they were hired to do instead of coming up with excuses why they can't.