Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Odds & Ends 05/25/08

Phil Steele's site has an "Interesting Tidbits" column about BCS/I-A teams that includes a "Highest scoring teams since 2000" section. UMass' I-A opponent this year Texas Tech is #5 at 36.69 points per game.

College football sites come and go, but "DPD's Dogs" seems interesting. His schedules page seems to have a lot of information.

Richmond RB Tim Hightower is in camp with the Arizona Cardinals where he will be in completion with former UMass RB's Marcel Shipp and Steve Baylark.

Flordia State's former TE Charlie Graham spent a year in JUCO to regain academic eligibility. When he became eligible after this spring semister, he was so happy he got drunk and went out in the street and fired a gun in the air...

Former UNH QB Henri Hendricks is being tried for murder.

And at about 8:53 pm EDT NASA's Phoenix Polar Lander will (hopefully) land on Mars today.

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The scheduling page is excellent.