Thursday, May 29, 2008

Santos signs with Alouettes

In my May 9th Blog post I reported that Ricky Santos had been cut by the Chiefs after a three day stay.

In that post I said" As the stories indicate, I've always thought Canadian Football was the place for Santos. Two men in motion. Wider field. Throw on nearly every down. I think he'd thrive under those rules just like Doug Flutie did."

He just signed with the Montreal Alouettes. According to my count, they have six QB's on their roster. The Alouettes' main page is here .

UPDATE: The Union Leader has an article about his signing here .


Anonymous said...

What?!? According to the UNH fans he was going to be the next Joe Montana.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there's always a way to play and maybe a backdoor in. Good for him. I'm wondering about Liam next year. Any thoughts about his prospects?

Anonymous said...

Liam's no Matt Ryan, but let's hope he walks in the FRONT door.