Saturday, May 17, 2008

Offense ruled in 2007

There's an old saying in football "Offense sells the tickets; defense wins championships". It didn't work that way in 2007.

Of the top 20 teams in total offense, six made the playoffs:
  • #1 Appalachian St
  • #5 E. Washington
  • #6 Delaware
  • #7 N. Iowa
  • #10 S. Illinois
  • #15 Woford
Note: none of the total offense teams lost in the first round and Appalachian State and Delaware went to the National Championship game.

Of the top 20 teams in total defense, two made the playoffs
  • #11 N. Iowa
  • #14 UMass
Of the top 20 teams in scoring offense, ten made the playoffs
  • #2 Appalachian State
  • #7 S. Illinois
  • #11 Delaware
  • #12 N. Iowa
  • #14 UNH
  • #15 McNeese
  • #16 Richmond
  • #17 Wofford
  • #18 E. Washington
  • #20 JMU
Of the top 20 teams in scoring defense, six made the playoffs:
  • #2 Montana
  • #7 N. Iowa
  • #10 S. Illinois
  • #12 McNeese
  • #13 Delaware State
  • #15 UMass
Note: three of the top scoring defense teams lost in the first round.


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff for us stat guys..It would be interesting to see how those stats have played out over the last 10 and 20 year periods to see if there is any type of pattern. Thanks for the info,UMass74.

Anonymous said...

How does last year stats compare to our national championship team? That would be interesting to know. Do we have a highly rated defense because the offense made the opposition one dimensional as they tired to catch up with us? Do we have a highly rated offensive because our defense shut down the opposition giving us good field position? What is the average starting point for our offense and defense?