Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Odds & Ends 05/02/08

Charles Burton has an article on College Sporting News called "Three Paths to the NFL".

Speaking of FCS/I-AA in the NFL, it's loaded with talent (mentions Marcel Shipp).

Speaking of 2008, UNH is raring to go.

It's official. There are now 34 Bowl games for 120 BCS/I-A teams. That will be 68 teams out of 120 playing (56%).

FYI, that means that the eight team Big East will have seven bowl slots! One good spin off of all this for FCS/I-AA teams could be that BCS teams will schedule more games with our level in order to be bowl eligible. That in turn, may mean higher payoffs or more choices for the FCS/I-AA team.

The weather forecast for tomorrow's UMass Spring game is cloudy with showers.

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Anonymous said...

Burton's article is excellent. Like Flacco, Santos, and, Foster, Coen will likely be perceived in the same light as the latter two. Good read. Go UMass!