Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lights! Transfers! Recruits!

Matty Vautour has confirmed that UMass will have stadium lights for the 2008 season! Read his article here .

Wow! That's great news! With the new surface in 2005 and new lights in 2008, McGuirk will have the most renovations in 40 years. And last year they fixed the roof of the stadium clubhouse. Kudos to UMass AD John McCutcheon for all his good work for the football program.


Also in Matty's article is the news that UMass will have a transfer from Boston College ---Corey Eason a 6-5 270 DE from Mansfield, MA.

Eason had multiple awards in HS. He was ranked as the 2nd best player in New England and was ranked the 15th best DE in the nation. See the BC recruiting page here . Another article about his signing with the Eagles here .

Nice pickup for UMass and Eason has four years of eligibility left. Welcome to the Minutemen Corey!


Also in the article is the statement that the UMass football banquet will be held on Friday February 29th . Leap year day.


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Anonymous said...

Look like Brown got that big NT needed for next season! Oh, Cory doesn't know it yet. LOL!

Anonymous said...

anyone have any info on why he left B.C.??? He never played there.. it will be interesting if Brown keeps him as a strong side DE or moves him inside....

UMass74 said...

He was only at BC for two months. Must have not liked it.

I'd like to see him stay as a DE. With his size and speed, he could be a dominating player at this level.

Anonymous said...

Great news about the lights. Mr. V. should know there have been more than two games at McGuirk under the lights. URI, Albany, UNH and a game in 2001 that was cancelled due to 9-11. I think lights will help us get better recruits and help us prepare for big games better as well. Night games will also get the student body out and help give us a true home field advantage. I am still looking for mini-UMass football helmet. Kohl's doesn't have them. I am willing to pay more than original cost.

Anonymous said...

I agree. DE all the way. He could be a major force in little time.

Rocks said...

Hey Anonymous #3, keep an eye on ebay for the mini helmets. I see them on there semi-regularly

Stuart said...

he's done at umass by the way.
next on the block uconn?