Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Odds & Ends

Devon Lewis-Buchanan a 6-2 205 Safety/Linebacker from Sunrise, FL verbaled to Louisiana-Layfayette. He was considering N.C. State, UConn, Liberty and UMass .

Still lots of Flordia players available .

Albany, our 2008 opener, has a number of players on the Sports Network Mid-Major All-American list.

A number of UMass seniors on this NFL draft list .

UMass Coaching tree: Milford High has hired Tom Cullen as Head Coach. He was a graduate assistant at UMass for three years under Jimmy Reid. He is not listed as an assistant coach in the 2007 UMass Press Guide's assistant coach history, but he is in the press guides from that era.


Anonymous said...

In reviewing the All-American lists I was shocked to see how small most of the linemen were. I keep thinking their size isn't much greater than linebackers at the FBS level of play. These player appear even small for typical FCS programs. Is there a trend towards smaller and quicker linemen or this is just normal for these types of Mid-Major FCS schools?

UMass74 said...

The mid-majors have limited resources. A lineman who is a good athlete can play effectively at that level at a pretty light weight.

Linemen are the big difference in BCS-FCS play. Speed, size and athleticism decline as you go down the levels.

Our BCS team next year, Texas Tech's, OL averages 330 pds. And they're tall.

UMass signed four OL last year. Two were 6-4 and two were 6-5. They all were about 300 pds. That's excellent for FCS.

If we were DII, they all would weigh 300 pds, but they would be 6-0...

UMass74 said...

P.S. I'll bet the San Diego OT listed as 217 pds is a typo.