Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2008 UMass Football Schedule Released

UMass has released the 2008 Football Schedule. Athletic Dept. release here .

Dates Opponent

8/30 Albany
09/06 @ Holy Cross
09/12 @ James Madison
09/20 @ Texas Tech
09/27 Open Date
10/04 Delaware
10/11 @ Northeastern
10/18 Richmond
10/25 Bryant
11/01 @ Rhode Island
11/08 Maine
11/15 @ New Hampshire
11/22 Hofstra

Analysis: Whew! Tough schedule. It's going to be interesting to get eight I-A wins for the playoffs.

We play four playoff teams (one fourth of the entire 2007 playoff slate) : Delaware, JMU, Richmond and UNH).

We play @ Rhode Island, where we have lost the last two games.

Holy Cross was 7-4 and was in contention for the Patriot League championship.

Albany was 8-4 including a win over Fordham, who we met in the first round of the 2007 playoffs. One of their losses was @ Montana. Their '07 schedule here .

Bryant was 8-3 in DII Northeastern Conference with one of their losses to FCS Stony Brook 0-30.

And, of course Texas Tech, 8-4 in the Big Twelve. Beat FCS team Northwestern State 75-7. The Red Raiders 2007 schedule here.

Combined W-L 77-55 .583 DI records only. Not counting Bryant, 8 of the 11 DI teams had seven wins or better.


Anonymous said...

What about some night games any word on Lights?

UMass74 said...

AFAIK, UMass is still well short of the funding for lights.

Over on the message board, people keep saying that there are rumors of lights next year, but I take that with several grains of salt.

The JMU and the Delaware game would both be attractive games for CAA television. Hopefully, CSTV or NESN could be enticed to bring in lights for one of those games...

Anonymous said...

A VERY tough schedule indeed! If they should survive the reg. schedule, I would think they'd be well prepared for the playoffs. Hopefully they will be healthy at that time. With a schedule like this one, why would anyone WANT to move up to FBS? I don't think it gets much better or tougher than this. (One last thing, I'm looking for a UMASS mini helmet. Any idea where I can get one? I'll make it worth it to someone if they can provide one. Let me know. Thanks.)

Anonymous said...

Try Kohls in Hingham they have a huge selection of Umass stuff my son got a mini helmut and a flag for short money

Anonymous said...

I'm a Texas Tech alum and I am looking forward to seeing you guys here in West Texas. I think I'll drive up to Lubbock and catch that game to watch the Minutemen play. Hopefully there will be some tv coverage as well. By the way Lubbock is a kind of flat treeless town in the panhandle where cotton is grown so the scenery isn't going to knock your socks off. But those folks are very friendly and they will treat you well. Hope you have some fun.

UMass74 said...

Raider fans are welcome to stop by.

I'm planning to go to Lubbock to see the game.

While I don't expect to win the game, we are no Northwestern State.

It was really, really quiet at Kansas State when we led 7-0 at the end of the first quarter when we played them in '03.

The UMass defense should be pretty competitive, but the Minuteman offense needs a big rebuild this year.