Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday--April 12th, 2016

The latest edition of "Made at Massachusetts" features UMass RB coach Darius Smith (good name).

Coach Smith will have:

Marquis Young SO 6-0 196 12-0 GP-GS 152-960 6.3 AVE 7 TD's 83 LONG 80.0 AVE/game
Sekay Lindsey SO 5-8 215 6-0 GP-GS 34-114 3.4 AVE 47 LONG 19 AVE/game
Andrew Libby JR 6-1 230 12-0 GP-GS
John Robinson-Woodget RSSR 12-1 GP-GS 6-1 242 (moved to FB from LB)
Mekhi Williams 5-9 180 RSFR
Kenny Kern 6-0 226 RSFR

Smith will also be coaching a talented Freshman class, at least one of which will not redshirt, IMHO.

Tyshaun Ingram 6-0 185 Two-Star recruit
Tyler Thompson 5-11 180 Three-Star recruit
Peyton Pickett 5-10 195 Two-Star recruit
Bilal Ally 5-10 185 Three-Star recruit


Details on Friday's Spring Game. Note that UMass will live stream the game via UMassAthletics.com.


ElevenWarriors.com does a video study of Don Brown's defense.


DAn Rubin of BC Interruption gives a video update of the Eagles Spring practice.

It looks like the BC-Georgia Tech game in Ireland will be a sell-out.

I wonder which team, UMass or BC, will have the biggest second game hangover. The Eagles from their travel fatigue from playing in Ireland, or the Minutemen from being thumped at the Swamp.


Old Dominion gets an offer for a privately financed, maintained and managed football stadium.



Anonymous said...

What happened to Dequan Mack ? I do not see him on the roster or the RB/FB article posted.

Anonymous said...

I would've liked both L. Woodley and S. Abrokwah on the roster and given a chance to contribute in their final year. Lindsay was so-so last year, Young, a bonafide emerging star, but time will tell if he can continue his growth. We are just a couple of plays away from a depleted backfield and having to rely on freshmen.