Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday--April 11th, 2016

Blake Frohnapfel accepts the Western Mass Chapter of the National Football Foundation's DeOrmand Tuss McLaughry Award. Blake graduated from Marshall in three years; adds double Master's degrees in two while in Amherst. 

Annie Maroon of MassLive has more images from the event here. Full list of the award winners here.


More fallout over the NCAA's decision to ban satellite camps:



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Anonymous said...

With the cost associated with travel, the satellite camps are a perfect fit and apropos for the digital age. If the NCAA were to oversee this process with discretion and care, it would certainly help potential recruits who might have had difficult family circumstances, injuries, or playing in areas where universities wouldn't normally be actively recruiting. I'm hoping the NCAA get it right and reconsiders how virtual camps can help cut down expenses on both sides while providing valuable exposure for students who might otherwise be disadvantaged.