Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday--April 29th, 2016

Well the anti-football faction of the facility got blown out of the water yesterday.

Also worth reading is Chancellor Subbaswamy's letter to the faculity.

Dan Malone has some interesting stuff on his Twitter feed. The anti-football people said some offensive stuff, such as "football players were more likely to be criminals".

Matty Vautour's Twitter also covers some of the debate comments.

Matty Vautour also covers the meeting.


Dan Malone has a post on Tajae Sharpe being ranked #136th on Mel Kiper's NFL Draft board.

Hustle Belt has Willie Beavers (Western Michigan) and Tajae Sharpe as the top of the MAC prospects.


The first round of the draft is in the books.


The NCAA rescinds its ban on satellite recruiting camps. That's good news for UMass and other Group-of-five leagues.



HS basketball player didn't know he was 29.


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Anonymous said...

Professor Lisa Saunders comments were most appalling. Please read her bio to understand where she is coming from.