Saturday, April 02, 2016

Saturday--April 2nd, 2016

This article shows UMass has improved its rushing average three years in a row. One of the interesting facets of this year's team will be to see how UMass can run the ball. With Mike Foley as the new offensive line coach, I would like to see some better run blocking. Being able to run the ball would be a big help during 2016's killer schedule.

I looked at some historical data for Whipple's teams. Pretty good correlation between rushing and wining.

Year---Yards/rush---rushing yards/game--record

2014 3.4--125.2  (3-9)
2015 4.4--142.2  (3-9)

1998 4.6--180.4 (12-3 National Champions)
1999 4.2--187.9 (9-4 A10 Champs)
2000 3.9--137.6 (7-4)
2001 2.2--88.6  (3-8)
2002 4.2--166.1 (8-4)
2003 3.8--148.8 (10-3 A10 Champs)


The Detroit Lions say it's good business to recruit a QB every year (mentions Blake Frohnapfel).

------------------------------------------------------------------------ looks at potential QB draft picks for the the Minnesota Vikings including Blake Frohnapfel.


The NY Giants wonder what Victor Cruz will bring to the table this year.

Victor is raffling off signed pairs of his sneakers for Charity.



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