Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday--April 16th, 2016

I attended the annual meeting of the Gridiron Club and the Spring game yesterday.

First, executive committee of the Gridiron Club meets in the morning, but the afternoon session is open to all Gridiron club members. Coach Whipple spoke about his plans for making UMass football a winner and how the Gridiron Club helps. The club's website has been completely redone and will be expanded more in the future. They're hoping to have members-only content. The club wants to do more outreach and more activities. This year the Club members got to eat with the team during the pregame meal.

Some of the funds raised by the club could be used for recruiting expenses such a funding the airplane tickets for recruits visiting on the various recruiting days. Whipple wants to increase UMass' presence in California and Texas and other recruiting hotbeds. L.A. Love says they want to have a goal of doubling the current membership. Join now!

In addition, Whipple said they were trying to fund a full time recruiting coordinator. Whipple said he felt that would be more effective than having one of the coaches being recruiting coordinator (in addition to the coach's other duties) with interns helping. Former recruiting coordinator Spencer Whipple is now passing game coordinator and WR's coach.


In football news, Whipple said they had a pretty good Spring practice. Two players including Hawaii transfer Darrian Josey and one other player whose name I did not catch, suffered injuries that will keep them out of the 2016 season.

Whip said they had only hit once before the Spring game. He also said with Sekai Lindsay still being limited, UMass only had one scholarship RB (Marquis Young) available for Spring game.


As for the game itself, with the team split into two squads, it kinda slowed both the offense and defensive down some. But if you think about it, it was good news. This year the Minutemen actually have enough players to have two complete squads.

Dan Malone has images from the game. He also has an extensive re-cap of the game here.

Matty Vautour has a post about the game. He also has a story about James Ihedigbo's first win as a coach (and a Gator-Aid bath).

The UMass Daily Collegian has two articles on the game here and here.

Highlights from game above.


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The students partied in the Yellow lot.

The fans showed up the watch the game.

The biggest revelation in my eyes was Randall West. He had been the mystery man as no one had ever seen him play. He was still wearing a knee brace, but I thought he was the best QB on the field last night. He threw a tight, accurate ball and looked poised.

 I think the press thought so too.


The UMass WR's had a lot of drops. They missed at least five or six. John Robinson-Woodget ran well between the tackles. 

RSFR Brandon Mangram looked like a player in the defensive secondary.


I also got to talk with UMass strength coach Joe Connolly. I was sitting on the tailgate of my truck prior to the game and 2016 TE recruit Taylor Edwards came over to say hello.

The only other excitement was I had to dodge a moose on RT 202 on the way back home. I've been to Newfoundland and upper Maine. This moose was one of the biggest I've ever seen. It was just huge.



Anonymous said...

Very curious as to why SL Green was one of the honorary coaches...hmmm. Frank- some reporting is necessary

Anonymous said...

Is West to be considered a potential starter, even with Comus's experience?

UMass74 said...

Unless he arrives hurt or out of shape, I think JUCO Andrew Ford is the potential starter. West didn't hurt his position in the hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

WOW- How does the Hoops board allow one guy to blast UMASS all day long! Allowing Joleonlescotts to be a shut in and post morning noon and night makes that place a sewer. Take out the trash Mike.