Friday, April 01, 2016

Friday--April 1st, 2016

The Virginia Pilot has a story on Big 12 expansion and its potential meaning for ODU. If the AAC should lose a team to the Big 12, that could provide a slot for UMass.

If UConn were to jump to the Big 12, I think the Minutemen would surely still be interested, but obviously, UConn and Temple in the same league as UMass would be the most fun.

Speaking of our October 8th opponent, the Monarchs release their first 2016 depth chart.


Tulane will visit Gillette on October 1st. It looks as if the Green Wave will have a strong rushing attack.


Another October foe, Louisiana Tech is trying to build its offensive line.


Lots of animal mascots in our 2016 season: Gators, Eagles, Panthers, Bulldogs (twice), Gamecocks, Seahawks and Cougars. Easily the best is the Gamecocks, which remembers fightin' Revolutionary War general Thomas Sumter, the Carolina Gamecock.

Non-animal totems: Green Wave, Monarchs (don't think they considered the butterfly), Trojans and Rainbow Warriors.


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