Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday--August 11th, 2015

UPDATE: Yesterday I had some images of modifications to UMass' stadium. Bob McGovern has a story about Ryan Bamford has ideas for a perfect McGuirk


Dan Malone previews Ball State. Most pundits have the Cardinals in the middle of the pack in the MAC West. Last year, UMass scored 24 points, which was below our season average despite totaling 569 yards of offense. The Minutemen went 4-7 in the Red Zone.


Dan reports on the Republican's fan poll, which varies from a very good season to unlikely.

The Blog would be thrilled with six wins or more. Winning one of two of our opening games against Colorado and Temple would be outstanding. In order for the Minutemen to win more than six games everything would have to go right:

  1. Frohnapfel and Sharpe would have to stay healthy.
  2. The kicking and punting game would have to make a significant improvement.
  3. UMass would have find a feature RB who would have 1,000+ yard season.
  4. The Minutemen defense would need to make a significant improvement over out 33 points/game and 448 yards/game allowed.
Let's play and see what happens. I'm ready for some football!



They also preview Toledo-Iowa State at the Glass Bowl. As I said yesterday, Toledo is a solid club, with an outstanding running back. I look for the Rockets to upset Iowa State.


A Colorado newspaper shows how Colorado could go bowling.


A Bleacher Report writer power ranks college football conferences by quarterbacks and decides the MAC is 6th.


Akron starts the 2015 season with high hopes.


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Penn State Blue over Kelly Green...welcome to The Zoo!