Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday--August 27th, 2015

Dan Malone has five questions with Australian recruit Travis Reynolds. There are a lot of good athletes down under. With Rodney Mills graduating this year, the TE position should be totally open in 2016. Reynolds has the size and athleticism to be a contender for a starting position.


Dan also has a story on Shane Huber looking to get back on the field. Huber and Jovan Santos-Knox should give the Minutemen a strong up-the-middle in a 3-4 defense. Our front seven on defense has probably been our weakest area since the move to FBS. That's starting to change. It's got to change as we transition to an independent schedule. Now if UMass can get some pass rush off the edges...


Dan also has a picture gallery from Wednesday's practice.


Rodney Mills
Speaking of the TE position, Matty Vautour has a post about Rodney Mills and Logan Laurent.


Hustle Belt continues its Top Seventy MAC players countdown with #8 Blake Frohnapfel.


Collegian writer Anthony Chiusano has an article on the Minutemen linebackers.


ABC Sports has six teams coming off a bad season that have a chance to go bowling: one of them is UMass. What a difference one year with coach Whipple makes.


Mile High Sports says the Colorado Buffs should be happy with six wins and they include UMass in that category.


The Indy Star reports Ball State has reasons for optimism.

MLive says it's time for Western Michigan to win big.


College football starts this Saturday with North Dakota State vs Montana.



Anonymous said...

Whipple has done little on paper-3 wins. It is 7 wins or else this year!

meressy said...

Guy or gal above is a clown "Whipple has done little on paper" except that national championship he brought us, right?

anonymous said...

I completely disagree. Whipple has done an enormous job and the team is clearly improved.
We were a whisker or a kick or a play away from 7-8 wins and I can't wait for this season to begin

Anonymous said...

Very flattering and optimistic write up by the HUSTLE Belt. I'm guessing Tajae will crack the top five.

UMass74 said...

And Whipple brought us Frohnapfel and Jean Sifrin and Rodney Mills and a lot more. You can feel the difference when he took over. Whipple will be our coach as long as he wants the job.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for annual September Globe hit piece on UMASS.