Saturday, August 01, 2015

Saturday--August 1st, 2015

Matty Vautour has a post on UMass' opponent preseason rankings.


Sporting News predicts the 2015-16 bowls. Toledo. Akron, Bowling Green, NIU and Western Michigan out of the MAC


The Ralphie Report has Colorado Coach MacIntyre's take on the 2015 Buffs season.

The Buffs were picked last (#12) in the PAC-12's Media Day poll.


A Temple player who is a transfer from Pitt, is ruled eligible to play this year by the NCAA.

Adonis Jennings is a guy we offered back in 2013.


FIU caps off a productive offseason with a star studded camp.


Fox Sports asks which Notre Dame football traditions are the best?


Victor Cruz is back at practice.

Cruz sports  Michael Jordan's No. 45 jersey to mark his return.


UConn hit by cyberattack from China.



Anonymous said...

Matt Vatour afraid to ask Kellogg tough questions,why are players out of shape? Who the hell are you playing on essentially a sightseeing tour of Europe? Many more questions, but none asked. Just allows coach to speak with no follow ups.Very disappointing off season, with little accountability from anyone.

Minutefanjsf said...

Not sure what you want out of an NCAA hoops offseason, but it seems clear to me that DK has laid low on purpose and is hedging a bit by saying the injuries are hindering those who we thought would play, ie holloway. Space and Pipkins seem to be the guys DK is looking for. Also, Matty V. didn't have many other questions to ask when DK provides the injury expanation.