Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday--August 23rd, 2015

The wins in 2015 poll ending yesterday showed a nice normal curve centered around seven wins:

four wins-7 votes
five wins-10 votes
six wins-19 votes (I voted for six)
seven wins-30 votes
eight wins-18 votes

eleven wins-two votes
twelve wins-two votes

A couple of Notre Dame haters voted for 12 wins. The two 11 win votes could be UMass fans, but I'll have what they're drinking :)

Six wins would make us bowl-eligible, but I think one of the wins would have to be Colorado or Temple to not get passed over. Seven wins would probably get us a bowl. Temple was not invited at 6-6 last year. Toledo went 7-5 in 2013 and didn't get an invite.


Lots of interesting news from Saturday's scrimmage.

First on 2014 recruits not on the Fall roster:

Thanks to the blog reader who sent me notice that two-star TE 6-6 250 recruit Artayvious Lynn from Parkway HS in Louisiana will enroll at Milford Academy.

Bill McGovern reports James Bowe, Jr a 6-2 200 pound LB from Miami, FL will gray shirt.

He also reports Marshall Robinson 6-4 340  an unrated DT from Mars, PA will attend Lacawanna Community college.

No real surprises on depth chart. Khary Bailey-Smith and Fabian Hoeller are currently out. Both were 2014 starters at Safety and LG respectively.

Dan also has more notes from the first scrimmage. Dan reports Zeke Edmonds has been moved to LB. Edmonds received a lot of praise in last year's Fall camp. He played as a true freshman. If he's healthy this year, he could be a nice addition to the Minutemen defense.


Dan also has five questions with new UMass RB coach Darrius Smith. Smith's UMass bio.


Mark Chiarelli of Maroon Musket catches up with Vanderbilt transfer Larry Franklin.

Franklin's UMass bio.

Chiarelli also has what UMass was looking for in Saturday's scrimmage.


Hustle Belt previews Central Michigan.


A Daily Local News writer says Temple will beat Penn State this year.


Houston Courier report the AAC wants to turn the Power 5 into the Power 6.



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Updated, presumably final, Fall roster is posted. Many players seem to have shrunk some inches between spring and August.

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Beautiful photo.

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Not surprised to see marketing guy TM has been broomed, hopefully the next person will have a clue.

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