Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Recruiting 2015-- LB Larry Franklin joins UMass

Matty Vautour reports that 6-1 214 pound former Vanderbilt LB Larry Franklin has joined the Minutemen as a late roster addition.

Fred Breedon image

Fred Breedon image

Franklin's Vanderbilt bio.

He was a 247Sports three-star recruit.

A senior eligible, Franklin should add some maturity and athleticism to the Minutemen defense.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that UMASS Football has not done any advertising this year. Tim Kenney and crew spent money like drunken sailors, hiring consultants, which showed how little faith they had in themselves. The new regime is sure to be better, even doing nothing will be better than what went on during the last four years.

Anonymous said...

I've seen billboard ads on Route 1 heading towards Gillette. They've advertised some but like you say, they haven't just thrown $$ around like morons. Less advertising done intelligently is worth 100x more than a bunch of advertising done poorly.