Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday--January 14th, 2015

UMass confirms that Jean Sifrin will declare for the NFL draft.

Dan Malone has an article on Sifrin.

MassLive has video highlights of his one-year career with UMass.

Matty V. also has a post on Sifrin leaving.

WWLP-22 has an article on Sifrin.

Sifrin #87/Mills # 33
Sifrin totaled 11-9 GP-GS 42-642 15.3 AVE 6 TD 76 LONG 58.4 AVE/Game. As Matty V. says in his article, his replacement in the receiver hierarchy will probably be Rodney Mills.

Mills does not have the NFL size of Sifrin, but as long as he is as productive, the Minutemen won't suffer. Mills went 12-7 GP-GS 30-489 16.3 AVE 5 TD's 72 LONG 40.8 AVE/Game.

The Blog hopes that Sifrin would return to UMass after (or during) the NFL and finish his degree. A number of former UMass players have done just that.


UConn's last home game on December 6th against SMU drew 5,300 at Rentschler field.

UConn averaged 27,576 and BC averaged 34,270 home attendance in 2014, another reason that the three New England schools should play each other every year.


Bleacher Report ranks the MAC conference #11 after the bowl season.


A mid-December early signing period could be on the horizon.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ranks Notre Dame #22 in pre-season 2015. If the Irish find a QB, they could be top-ten material next year.


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Anonymous said...

Wow the Mikey basketball board should be shut down. Most of these losers don't attend games. But are experts on everything. Meanwhile calling out players as dumb, saying we should stop taking prop 48's, etc(tdmass). We all understand what he means. A big reason why UMASS loses at home is this- no home court advantage. You have 3200 people against a great team. About half of them are miserable complaining about the food,players, coaches, and not cheering even once all game long. jeesh the 100 Davidson fans made more attempts to cheer. UMASS fans=lame. Please don't try to argue, the team was in a tight game and the arena was silent throughout.