Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday--January 17th, 2015

Former UMass player and coach Malik Hall joins Penn as the Quakers defensive line coach.


Hustle Belt looks at Jean Sifrin's chances in the NFL Draft.

NFL Draft Scout's 2015 TE rankings.


Campus Insiders ranks 2014 coaching hires including Mark Whipple.


One Massachusetts team that had a great year was MIT. The Engineers went undefeated in the New England Football Conference. MIT also won in the first round of the Division III tourney.


If you missed it Joe Paterno has had his victories reinstated. ESPN has more.


Cadillac says there should be 24 teams in the FBS tourney.


A Bleacher Report writer predicts NIU will win the MAC championship in 2015.


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TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank,

I am very disappointed in the NCAA's decision to reinstate Paterno's wins.

For starters, it wasn't that long ago they took them away. No sense of loss had set in, the victems are still hurting and now have to hurt some more.

I think what should be done is reinstate the wins to PSU (because the players weren't guilty) but keep them stricken for Paterno's personal record. He was complisant (?sp) in the affair and needs to be held responsible today, tomorrow and forever.

It is way too early to even consider moving in this direction. These crimes were conducted against children. The NCAA needs to protect children from predators like Sandusky (and compliant Paternos) and one way of doing that is to tarnished their records and reputations.