Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday-- January 11th, 2015

As I did yesterday, Dan Malone breaks down the 2015 UMass football schedule.

Mrs Blog and I are considering a road trip out to Colorado to see Ralphie Run and taking in South Bend on the way back. That would mean we would miss Temple at Gillette, but would add two road games. I gotta go to Notre Dame.


Colorado is looking for a defensive coordinator.


Irish WB Everett Golson, a graduate senior with one year of eligibility left, may transfer.


The complete MAC Conference schedule for 2015 is here.


The FCS National Championship Game is today. With UNH losing in the semi-finals, there is no CAA presence, but North Dakota State could win a unprecedented fourth straight title.



Anonymous said...

UNH never makes the finals.

TopUMassFan said...

I think good things are going to happen in 2015 for UMassnation. Sifrin will most likely be gone but I feel the run game will become a force and actually make us a more dangerous team.

If Froh stays healthy, he has the talent, the experience and the receivers to keep us in any game. Overall team experience will help eliminate some of the "foot-shooting" mistakes that cost us games last year. Our kicking game can't be any worse so consider that area improved as well. Instead of losing all the close ones, this year we win one or two.

I have us going 7-5 with wins against Colorado, Fla. International, Bowling Green, Miami, Kent State, Eastern Michigan and Ball State. A possible loss to Colorado or Bowling Green could put us at 6-6 but we would still be bowl eligible.

Big talk for a team that was 3-9 this year but I'm confident it is possible.

UMass74 said...

From your keyboard to God's ear :)

Anonymous said...

I am sick of the Globe trashing UMASS football every recruiting season. I am sick of the Athletic Department never saying a word in response. I am sick of UMASS alumni never supporting their own school. UMASS has done a lot for many people, and few ever give it a second thought. It is now or never. The Board of Trustees must hire a bold leader with vision, contacts and a fundraising background. This group is not getting it done. Frank please call out all those frauds, who signed a petition calling for changes to UMASS football. They got their changes, and still don't get involved. What are they waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Umass football alums never gave back to the program-why would you expect them to now? The Globe likes beating up Umass, since they have no opposition. The silence is deafening.