Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday--January 22nd, 2015

UPDATE: UMass will hold a football signing day party at the Amherst Brewing Company on February 4th.


Paul Bys, UMass equipment manager, explains to how footballs are treated prior to a game.

SB Nation has everything you need to know about deflategate.


LaValle Edwards Stadium
BYU has scheduled a home-and-home series with Michigan State bumping a scheduled UMass game.

The only alternative open date for both squads is October 15th. UMass' 2016 schedule. BYU's 2016 schedule.

Eastern Michigan, who was to have a three-for-one home game with MSU with one of the games schedule for 2016, has canceled the arrangement.


A Bleacher Report writer ranks conferences by the quality of the league's coaches.


Olympic proponents outline Boston's winning bid proposal. says it'll cost at least $19 billion, more than the Big Dig.

Boston mayor bans city employees criticizing the cost of the Olympics bid.

The Blog awaits a Globe editorial about protecting the interests of the Commonwealth's taxpayers.



Anonymous said...

The hoops board should be shut down. All they do is bash UMASS, the team they are supposed to be supporting. I'm not sure who the biggest loser is '78 or Marty Peretz, who is exhorting fans, not to turn out at the Mullins Center, and save their money for Brooklyn. Does this fool really want to help the A10 bank, at the expense of UMASS Athletics? Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to shut ins on message boards, most like these two, are lowlifes. With fans like them, it is no wonder umass has a small minded fanbase,with no loyalty and financial backers.