Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday--January 27th, 2015

Well, my snow blower is all gassed up and I'm ready to do battle. Only about four inches of snow so far in Jaffrey.


Max Moore of Hustle Belt is excited about kicker Mike Caggiano verbaling to the Minutemen.

Mike Karpinski has a post about the seven UMass commits.


Will the FBS full-cost-of-attendance stipend force FCS schools to do the same? Interesting point. Will the non-FBS schools who want to be top-tier in other sports (Villanova in hoops, UMass-Lowell in hockey for example) give full-cost-of-attendance to those sports. Anything they do for a men's team has to be done for the women's team because of Title IX. Could basketball players at Villanova, men's and women's get the stipend and other sports athletes not?


MLive.com has an article on Eastern Michigan wanting to bale on their game with Michigan State.


The Star-Telegram says deflategate is all about home field advantage and hating on Bill Belichick. Patriots fans will not be surprised that Bill is not held with a lot of affection in other parts of the country.


ESPN reports 45,000 people showed up for Ohio State's Nation Championship celebration.


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