Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday--January 19th, 2015

UMass fans strike back at the Globe and defend UMass football.

Zack Emery.

Jim Connah.

Scott Bloomberg.

Brian Condron points out Globe hypocrisy...

Any more I missed? Good work to all who wrote the Globe.


This article from the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star features Steve Frohnapfel, who racked up a lot of driving miles last fall.


Special thanks to blog reader "Nick" for the heads up on a link to Draft Countdown's Scott Wright discussing Jean Sifrin's changes in the NFL draft. The mention of Sifrin is about minute 52 in this podcast.

A lot of high-priced NFL Draft commentators are going to be wrong about Sifrin, because they'll only look at his tape and stats. They won't realize Sifrin had essentially no summer camp before he started playing.

With more reps at his position and more coaching, his blocking and pass catching have big upsides. If he goes 5th round or below, he'll be a steal for some NFL team.


Marshall and C-USA did well in bowl viewership.


SB Nation says Western Michigan will again out-recruit a bunch of Power Five teams.


Does McGuirk have Wi-FI? Duck and Bucks fans blew through 6 terabytes of data at the College Football National Championship game.


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Anonymous said...

I was horrified that the Globe had the Patriots football team plastered on the front page ,sports page,etc in todays paper. I thought they knew the sport is in decline, and these players could get hurt.
I'm looking forward to less coverage on the Red Sox, since less and less youth are playing baseball nowadays. John Henry will OK this right?
Come on UMASS fans support your school-not these frauds.