Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday--January 17th, 2015

Marc Ross, who has a masters in Sports Management from UMass, is a candidate for the GM position for the Chicago Bears.

The Isenberg Business school Sports Management program at UMass is one of the top sports management schools in the nation. The schools alumni are scattered all over the professional and college landscape.


The EMU student paper looks at the Eagles 2015 schedule including the visit by UMass.


The NY Times says College football is powerful.

-------------------------------------------------------------- says tonight's National Championship game is the start of a new era.


As you probably know by now the Globe took another shot at UMass Football over the weekend. I'm not going to link to it (why give their failing business model any traffic), but you might want to post some replies or write the editor.

It would be nice if someone stood up for us, like Stan Rosenberg, for instance. He's from Amherst, he claims to be pro-jobs, pro-Western Mass and he's President of the State Senate. As I have stated a number of times, every time some Mass resident buys a tank of gas to go the game, buys a meal at restaurant, or makes any UMass-related purchase, the state government gets a piece of the action. UMass football is beneficial to the Commonwealth; something the Globe will never be.


OT, but while looking for UMass football recruiting news, I hit this piece about Bruce Brown, a four-star hoops recruit. The article says the Minutemen are recruiting him actively.



Anonymous said...

Frank- No one stands up for UMASS football. Not it's alumni, not it's ex-players, and not the athletic administration. Why would you expect someone else, with less involvement? UMASS alums are busy picking out their new Tom Brady shirts. The Globe has been instructed to shut it down. I'm wondering why Kraft does not say a word in our defense.

Anonymous said...

come on, no one stands up for umass? check out the moron musket or the mikey board, there is a pencil neck geek asking for free editing for his crayon written letter to the Globe. Further proof no one cares about umass football. Not a word from football alumni. No pride!!