Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tuesday--July 3rd, 2012

UPDATE: Please read comment.

The UMass website has an article on the success of the Minutemen fund raising effort. The Minutemen Club is up to 2,569 members and the athletic dept raised $3.2 million for UMass sports.

Matty V also mentions the story here. UMass Associate AD Rocco DeLuca pointed to the football upgrade as the jumpstart for the increase.

During our trip an Ohio State fan knew we had moved to the MAC when he saw my "UMass Football" and Minuteman Club stickers on my truck. We didn't really chat because it was like 103 Degrees that day, but people have noticed.


Opposing Views.com previews UMass OOC opponent Indiana.

Examiner.com predicts Indiana to go 4-8 and Michigan to go 10-4, both with wins over UMass.


Football Scoop says Liam Coan is leaving URI and returning to Brown to coach quarterbacks (scroll to the end of the July 3rd post).


Phil Steele looks at the breakdown between upperclassmen and freshmen and sophomores for every FBS team including UMass.



Anonymous said...

To ALL Frank Followers!! The Alumni Association needs only 300 more commitments to get the UMASS license plate going!!! Please tell all your friends, sign up if you haven't already, and let us ALL show our UMass pride.

UMass74 said...

UMass Alumni Plate Link