Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday--July 24th, 2012

More on the ins-and-outs of possible transfers from Penn State.

The NCAA will allow other schools to exceed their normal number of scholarships.

Coach Molnar will assess the situation.

UMass aims for the high road.

MassLive looks at the possibility of Penn State transfers.

SB Nation thinks New England schools will be keeping track of the situation.

Perhaps not as many Penn State players will leave as various football scribes expect. Coach Molnar and his staff have been energetic since their arrival, so I would think the Minutemen would be in play for a least some of the players who want to leave. The NCAA's changing the 85-scholarship rule will tend to favor BCS teams. UMass does have playing time to offer, though.

Possibly the most impact will be on Penn State's recruiting. Recruits haven't spent any of their eligibility yet, so it would seem they would have the most options. They would also have the least incentive to jump into the situation.

The following is a cut-and paste from Matty's original article. Links added by me. UMass was interested in a couple of the recruits.

Jake Kiley CB New Hampton School 6-1 175
Austin Johnson DT  Richland, NJ St. Augustine Prep, 6-4, 285
Akeel Lynch 77 RB Athol Springs, NY 6-1, 205
Malik Golden Athlete Cheshire, CT 6-0, 185
Wendy Laurent OF Princeton, NJ The Hun School, 6-3, 285
Jordan Lucas, ATH, New Rochelle, NY Worcester Academy 6-0, 185
Jamil Pollard,  DT Westville, NJ 6-4, 280


Today is MAC Media day on ESPN3.

UMass was picked last in the MAC East.

The MAC Championship Game will remain at Ford Field through 2015.

MAC Conference officials react to the Penn State train wreck.


Phil Steele looks at who will win the non-AQ conferences. The Minutemen come in last in that poll also.



Anonymous said...

You still play in front of 100,000 every home game at Penn st. Nobody is leaving to play in front of 4,000 at gillette. Let's be realistic.

Anonymous said...

How are ticket sales doing? 4000? is it that bad?

Anonymous said...

4004! I just bought 4 season tickets. Go UMass!