Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday---July 26th, 2012

Good Morning from Rapid City, South Dakota.


MassLive's Harry Plumber has extensive notes from the MAC Media Day.

The Morning Sun says the MAC is making strides as a conference.


FB Scheduling says UMass will host Maine in 2013. Then back to the salt mines for 2014.


Wisconsin announces the Badgers 2013 schedule. In the comments, Wisconsin fans don't know UMass is now FBS. writer doesn't either.


MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" continues its series on "Getting to Know UMass" and has a post on the best Minutemen defensive players since 1990. Worth a read.

They also look at MAC secondaries for 2012.


ESPN chronicles Victor Cruz's wild ride.

"Out of the Blue" is #3 in Amazon sales in the "Sports" section (scroll to product details).


Martin Chevaller/QMI Agency image
Four articles on Brandon London:

London knows better than to put himself first

Vows to be a team player

Is building bridges as a player and his career.

Part of the Larks "Big Boy" football.



Anonymous said...

Did the Moron writing about Umass
best defensive players forget about Tyler Holmes??
I have seen all of the players mentioned numerous times on the field and while they are great players-NO ONE compares what we were fortunate enough to witness for the past 4 yrs in #36
Jack Straw

Anonymous said...

Coach Picucci at Patriots Practice...

Standing behind Brady with blue Patriots shirt and white cap on.