Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday--July 14th, 2012

Good Morning from Canmore, Alberta. The wireless that comes with our rental is not working, so I'm working through several tenuous links from public wireless. This may impact the blog for a while if I can't get the private wireless up.


A Bleacher Report writer looks at the history of Georgia Southern including the 1998 game against "a UMass team that got a few lucky breaks along the way".


Brandon London's 36-yard catch set up the Larks game winning TD reception on the next play in the Alouettes comeback win over the Stampeders.


Victor Cruz received a lot of trash talk from NFL corners in his rookie year.

Cruz said it's his job to play football no matter what the status of his contract is.

The NY Post says Cruz will arrive at camp this year as an established star.


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