Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday--July 12th, 2012

BTW, Tuesday's blog post was the 4,000th entry in the history of the UMass Football Blog.


The MAC's 2012 Media Day will be carried live on ESPN3 on July 24th. Attending with Coach Molnar will be seniors Quinton Sales and Darren Thellen.


The MAC blog "Hustle Belt" has a post on MAC team and player ratings in NCAA13.


Opposing has a preview of this year's OOC opponent Vanderbilt.

Vandy also will have new uniforms for 2012.It'll be an all-white helmet game if UMass retains white helmets in its rumored uniform redesign.

It's a big Vanderbilt news day as they will also have new turf this year.


A bleacher Report writer has a post on last-years's-stars-who-must-repeat including Victor Cruz.


James Ihedigbo is among Patriots safeties to watch according to the Boston Herald.



Anonymous said...

Rumor is that the helmets are going to have a matte finish in alternating all-maroon and all-silver colors, coinciding with the updated uniforms.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Frank, on the milestone!

Anonymous said...

Hello from formerly in the top row but for now we'll be in sec. 109

50 +/- days n we will have seen game number 1 against UConn.

For at least one of my rowmates he is very unsure about this years team but is very upbeat about the coaching staff n all they are trying to do.

This is a big step up for all of our sophs juniors n seniors. All three of us would offer that the better teams in the CAA can play with all of the MAC teams. Can the better teams play these kinds of teams week in and week out?

Well we are going to find out sooner than later. We all think the difference in depth is the biggest difference. As an example just take a look what happened to UMass when we lost a few players to injuries on the defensive line n them played james madison......about 375 yds rushing n most rushes were of the 7 yards at a time kind. That game was brutal to sit through.

Will be interesting to see how the team stands up to all of this......the three of us pretty much always see the cup as half full n we still believe 3 wins n maybe 4 are doable for this team.

We have seen a few of those who have given verbals n think they will be good solid additions to the team n the school.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your hard work, Frank.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on the 4000 Frank. Keep up the good work....GO UMASS!