Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday--July 13th, 2012

Individual game tickets for 2012 will go on sale next Monday. The first two games are probably the most interesting, but UMass' chances of winning are probably highest in the last two.


SB Nation ran a simulated 2012 season in NCAA13 and got UMass going 0-11. I don't think so.


Athlon Sports looks at offensive lines for every team in FBS for 2012. IMHO, for the Minutemen, the OL is probably the most FBS-ready unit on the team. Three fifth-year seniors and one junior are almost as good as it gets for a offensive line coach.

The Minutemen return 85 career starts
If your should walk into a draft room for any NFL club and asked about Minutemen prospects for the 2013 NFL contract, it would probably go something like this.

"UMass? Uh---Nick Speller"


Phil Steele looks at who will have the most improved offense/defense this year.


Brandon London led the Alouettes in receptions and receiving yards in their last minute win over the Stamps last night.



Mrs Blog and I took a tour to Athabasca Glacier and our tour van driver asked where we were staying. We told him we were staying at Pyramid Lake in Jasper.

He asked if we noticed the jogging path near the lake. We said we did.

The tour guide said "My daughter was jogging with her dog on that path in May and she met a pack of wolves and the wolves ate the dog."

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