Monday, February 22, 2010

UMass Historical Scans--1985

Click on the image and Blogger displays a much large view. The 1985 UMass press guide depicted above has 80 pages and survived my basement flood although with some water stains.

I've added nine scans from four different 1985 UMass game programs to the UMass Football History section.

In 1985 UMass went 7-4 and 4-1 in the Yankee Conference (2nd place). That was Bob Stull's second and last season as head coach. Captains were Paul Platek and George Barnwell.

Dave Palazzi, Paul Platek, Todd Rundle and Bob Shelmire were All-Yankee Conference.

Al Neri led the team in rushing with 530 yards. Dave Palazzi went 84/157 1152 and 5 TD's. John McKeown had 80 UT 56 AT 136 TT to start on his way to becoming UMass all-time career leader in tackles.

I included a cover from the UMass-Northeastern game at Parsons Field. They were celebrating their 50th year of football.


Anonymous said...

You should continue with the position evaluations for next year. You had some good info on the one's you presented, but still a lot of positions to cover.

UMass74 said...

Yes, I plan on doing that. We still have three units to cover:Quarterbacks, Linebackers and Defensive Backs.

Things really got hectic around LOI Day and I haven't had a chance to get going again. The unit reviews are a fair amount of work.

Coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Bob Stull is now AD at UTEP