Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday News--February 16th, 2010

Former UMass two time Captain and assistant coach Jerry Gordon has a new book out:"Coaching the Under Front Defense". Be sure to check out Gordon's bio on the Amazon link.


Jacksonville.com has a long and interesting story about former UMass nose tackle and assistant coach Joe Cullen. Lots of UMass connections in the article.


Another Michigan post on Bleacher Report predicts an easy win by the Wolverines over UMass.


There will be some rule changes from the NCAA this year concerning taunting and eye black. Eye black?


The University of Texas at San Antonio just signed their first recruiting class. The Roadrunners plan to play two years in FCS starting in 2011 and be in FBS by 2015.


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Anonymous said...

For those who didn't know this about Coach Pickett,although he lost in the championship game in 1978. He was a huge part of our National Championship in 1998. He was the man who found Mark Whipple, and told Marcum to hire him as UMASS head coach. Thanks BOB