Monday, February 08, 2010

Travel to the Big House

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UMass will play at Michigan on Saturday, September 18,2010.

Seeing a game at the Big House is on the "Bucket List" for many college football fans.

The UMass Alumni Association and/or the Athletic Dept will probably has some sort of travel package. In the past, we've found the official packages to be pricey.

Mrs. Blog and I have made reservations at the Courtyard by Marriott on Boardwalk St. in Ann Arbor. According to the reservations center, it's about 2-3 miles from the stadium.

A list of Ann Arbor motels/hotels is here.

Note there is a "Event" that weekend and prices are on the high side.

UPDATE: I probably should have given parking/getting to the stadium information. The University of Michigan has multiple pages on parking, shuttle service from motels and other info here. Note that they have frequent changes in lots and procedures as they cope with 100,000 fans. I would bookmark the page and check as the game gets closer for 2010 updates.

We usually fly out of Manchester, NH Airport. Current round trip tickets on Southwest Airlines are currently running about $240-$240 for a leave-on-Friday-and-return-on-Sunday flight. What they will be this fall is anyone's guess.

Hope to see a lot of UMass fans there!


Old Cage said...

That makes at least three of us staying at The Courtyard.

saint0917 said...

Sorry to get off subject, but I see the AGS forums is gone :-(

UMass74 said...

Yes, the site has been down since Jan 1st. Lots of speculation if it's gone for good or not.

I've deleted the link to AGS in my sidebar.

College Sporting News is sorta functioning

Anonymous said...

Am I a negative poster? Don't think so. I don't need to post "ata boy" posts. The AD and AA know when they do something well. They have their own priorities and it isn't supporting the UMass Fan until it becomes time to ask for money. So with that preamble, what is the purpose of the AD Dept and the AA? To raise money for a travel agency or to find the lowest cost transportation for UM Fans so they can travel to away games?
Like many things that disappoint me about our AD, this is another change that should have been implemented years ago. We don't need to pay a huge commission to a travel agency when freshmen book less expensive transportation and hotel rooms for themselves doing the research on the internet. They can certainly do the same for alumni.

Anonymous said...

For the record, you are a negative poster....