Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday News---February 11, 2010

A story I had been meaning to tell you. Monday I was at the gym and one of the guys was wearing a Saints jersey. I went over and congratulated him on on New Orleans Super Bowl win.

He just lit up. He said "Thank You!" and related he had been a fan of the Saints for years and had gone through some lean times.

The moral of the story for football fans is that there are various joys in life, but there is nothing quite like your team winning the freakin' Big Game.


UMass AD John McCutcheon has withdrawn his name from contention for the AD position at SDSU. Story form the San Diego News here and Springfield Republican here. Matty Vautour checks in with an article here.


UMass opens its 2010 season on Sept 4th against William & Mary. The Tribe just lost two expected starters.


Attention old football players. Scientists have made a breakthrough in regrowing cartilage.


Southeastern Louisiana says they were #1 in recruiting in FCS.



Anonymous said...

UMass AD John McCutcheon has withdrawn his name from contention for the AD position at SDSU.

Is the football program and facilities in better shape or worse shape since JM has arrived on campus? If it is better shape email the Board. If it is in worse shape email the Board.

Berkman (UMassHoops) and Frank and other fans who have been following UMass Football for 10 years or more can answer these questions better than I and 95% of our fans can.

There is a difference between spending $$ on minimum decent standards (a field house, a press box or at least upgrade them, practice fields that can be used to practice football instead of swimming) and things we can't afford (A new building, A New Press Box, Add seats, hire another coach).

Col Hogan said...

IMHO, rating a recruiting class is a totally bogus effort prior to them taking the field. There are dozens of players who had two and three stars and didn't do much for their teams. And others who received no ranking and end up NFL prospects.

Top UMassFan said...

I agree, Frank. Besides being a UMass fan, I'm a long-time Cornhusker fan. I endured many a heart-breaking loss (to the delight of my roommates) before I tasted sweet success, made all the more sweeter by years of heartbreak and gut-wrenching losses.

Anonymous said...

AGS is back up. Some bickering with fans of CS forum & AGS forum to who is running AGS now. Looks like Ralph is hosting it again, but cannot verify.
I don't get it why alot of folks don't like Ralph. Anyone know what the bias is?

Anonymous said...

It's been a tough week for
UMass Football. Gary Pearson passes at age 46 who was coached by Bob Pickett who died last week! He was an outstanding player . . . very sad.

Anonymous said...

It's good hear McC is staying, at least until ther next opportunity arises. We need stability during these difficult financial times and McC has done a good job with the tools he has been given. I would like to see his contract extended so he can safely take a more aggressive position in support of FB. I sense opportunities will soon arise, especially if Rutgers leaves the Big East for the Big Ten.

Anonymous said...

Better, given the state of the economy and the relatively apathetic attitude of western Mass. fans toward football. We have improved training and practice facilities and what is becoming old is well maintained= maybe even acquiring character!