Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday News---- February 26th, 2010

Former UMass Captain and assistant coach Jerry Gordon is in the news again. He's just been appointed HC at Woodgrove HS in VA. Well, we know one HS where UMass recruiters will always be welcome! Congrats to Jerry!


FWTW, a Bleacher Report columnist says "UMass is clearly the best choice for Big East expansion".


Chattanooga made its pitch and now awaits the decision on if it will host the National Championship game. They think it went well.


Eastern Washington went through with it and is installing red turf.


The Philadelphia Eagles have released Brian Westbrook. He was one of the best FCS/I-AA players I have ever seen. Mrs Blog and I went to the Villanova game in 2001 down on the Mainline and Westbrook was the whole Wildcat team in a 47-13 rout of the Minutemen.


This year's FBS opponent Michigan may be in some major hot water with the NCAA due to "potentially serious' rules violations.


Delaware basketball still sucks.


This first came to my attention over at Draft Daddy. Learn "Combine football speak"



Col Hogan said...

Regarding the Minutemen moving to the Big East, is the Massachusetts legislature ready to put up the money needed to make the upgrades in Alumni Stadium? Is the Alumni base ready to open its pockets and contribute? Since I don't live in MA any longer, the first question is for my knowledge. I'm not sure the alumni are ready to do the second.

Anonymous said...

At least 2 FBS Sun Belt Schools would join the BE in a second - FIU and FAU - would USF veto their application?

There are other Sun Belt Schools and probably CUSA schools, eg Central Florida, that would also be interested in joining the BE.

I am not sure why we would be more welcome than either FIU, FAU or both. Re-entry into Metro Miami, which the BE lost when U-Miami moved to the ACC, would seem like a higher priority than a FCS school in Massachusetts.

Of course we can hope!

Anonymous said...

Col Hogan asks about upgrading our stadium.

There is no point to upgrading our stadium if we don't upgrade the access roads leading to it from Boston and Springfield.

Jerry Gordon said...

THX Frank

Anonymous said...

The FCS title game has been moved to Frisco, TX.