Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday News--February 15th, 2010

I ran a link to this story about Norwell, MA WR Dominic Wooten's signing with UMass on LOI day, but it has been updated lately.


Some early bulletin board material for the UMass locker room. A Michigan fan reviews the Wolverines' OOC schedule for the Bleacher Report and predicts Michigan 63-10 over the Minutemen. "Think Delaware State", he says.


The Southland Conference and Pizza Hut are joining forces to bring the FCS National Championship game to Frisco, TX. The decision should be made by the first week of March.


The winningest coach in FCS history, Eddie G. Robinson, has just had a museum dedicated to his 57 years of coaching.


Lawsuits may end video games based on college sports.



TopUMassFan said...

Frank, what are your thoughts on Championship game possibly moving to Texas? I've seen photos of stadium and I'm less than impressed.

UMass74 said...

Well, it's a brand new stadium. It just opened in 2005.

Stadium details here

Most FCS teams are in the South-Mid Alantic area, so not as many fans would be able to drive to the game.

I figure that it depends on how the local fans embrace the game. My impression was not many local Chattanoognins (?) bothered to go to the game. A packed stadium would help the reputation of FCS.

Even better if a major company sponsored the game like they do bowl games. It would really help the cash-strapped FCS division if both teams got say $200k for the appearance.