Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Northeastern transfer --Liam Krahe

UPDATE: It appears I don't have good information about where Krahe is.

I should not have done the blog post without getting confirmation. It's part of the pressure of trying to find something to write in February :)

My fault.


Anonymous said...

well i heard he transfered to Duquesne. He was already here as a freshmen and QUIT the team and transfered to Northeastern. He is not currently enrolled @ UMass or participating in team workouts so I don't know who gave that information. If they did take him back that shows where UMass is going excepting kids who quit on the program back with open arms.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Batts, the Fr WR who led Northeastern in receptions last year, has transferred to Robert Morris. I wonder why UMass didn't go after him? Northeaastern's QB, Matt Carroll, I thought was worthy of consideration after having watched him play last year. Krahe seems a great pickup! Go UMass! Thanks for the great info, Frank.

Anonymous said...

I hope UMASS didn't 'except' you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous, unless he's a "freebie.".

UMass74 said...

If there had not been other transfers from Northeastern, I would not have bit so hard. The comment seemed reasonable when I read it.

However, I violated my own rule of not publishing unverified information. I make the assumption that information from MSM is reasonably correct. Info from fan blogs like mine I try point out as opinion.

I should not have relied on a anonymous comment without checking.

Again, sorry.

UMass74 said...

In the comment above, that should be "an anonymous comment'. There is no way to edit a comment after you push the button.