Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday News ---- 12/15/09

The Springfield Republican has a story about UMass senior Jeromy Miles being named to the Walter Camp FCS All-America team.

The announcement of the 2009 All-America team from the Walter Camp website. Five CAA players made the list.


Chuck Burton reprises the Villanova-William & Mary semifinal game.


Matty Vautour wastes fifteen seconds of your life. Hofstra lost to Maine, who lost to Albany, who lost to Robert Morris, who lost to DII Urbana.


Speaking of Hofstra, read this question-and-answer with Pride AD Jack Hayes. Note that there was no financial crisis involved in the decision to drop football. Also noteworthy is the fact the administration kept the decision secret for their convenience (scheduling, etc), but never considered the Pride's players, coaches and recruits. Stay classy, Hofstra administrators!


The Sports Network's Brett Kahn previews the 2009 FCS Championship game.

There are some interesting quotes coming out of the pregame stories about the Villanova-Montana Championship match up.



Anonymous said...

Unless I'm missing something, Miles is not on the list. It appears the original release had Miles on and Charles Graves listed below him as a punter. Now it's changed to Graves at DB (which he is), Vanderwielen at punter, and no Miles.

There are also 7 CAA players.

Anonymous said...

Scout's Inc. .COM on ESPN NFL Draft page has Vlad Ducasse as 90 rating and the 31st ranked player entering the draft with about 15-20 kids in front of him underclassmen who haven't even declared yet. This means Todd McShay and Mel Kiper believe he is first round talent.s

hampfan said...

could not find miles name listed on the camp site.