Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday News -- 12/14/09

The Sports Network has a couple of articles: Armanti Edwards' career ends in the snow and Jabin Sambrano sends the Griz to the National Championship game.


Keepers College Football Rankings has Villanova favored by a little less than a TD against Montana.


The Philadelphia Inquirer has an article about Villanova's wild man Tim Kukucka.

The Bleacher Report looks at Villanova's unsung hero Matt Szczur.



Anonymous said...

Szczur was the conference player of the year. That's unsung?

Anonymous said...

I hate Andy Talley with a passion but since they are a caa team ill pull for them against montana

Anonymous said...

Why Edwards ( the best player in FBS) didnt run the ball in on 4th down is a mystery to me
But was nice to watch what real football was about and an offense that isnt so predictable as Umass's