Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saturday News--- 12/05/09

Four UMass seniors appear in the Josh Buchanan's latest "Top 100 Small School Players" scouting report.


New Hampshire says their football program is not in danger, and in fact, is going in the opposite direction.

New Hampshire can reach a milestone in their football history today.


The Huntington News has another story about the loss of Northeastern Football.


The CAA "Gameday" page has all the news and information about today's playoff games. All of them are on TV!


David Coulson has his latest "Around FCS" column here.


Chuck Burton has his latest "FCS Now" column here.



Anonymous said...

Could UMass play two BCS/I-AA games next year? Why not? it would be the biggest income for the Athletic Dept in the history of UMass. I think 2010 will be a rebuilding year anyway. Two I-A teams will probably not impact our playoff chances.

Coach Brown didn't want to play 2 games against FBS schools due to the wear and tear on his players.

Anonymous said...

The last game of the season is a date that the big schools don't want a loss after they have played their conference games.
Florida's 12'th game was a guaranteed win / money game against a Sun Belts team.

The Golden Panthers -- 45-point underdogs (were)paid $425,000 to play in Gainesville