Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday News-- 12/07/09

UMass' new recreation center is open.

Ron Chimelis ruminates on UMass football.


More and more Haitians are playing American football.


Keepers College Football ratings has Montana and Villanova favorites in the FCS semifinals.


Former UMass great Bill Durkin lost his job when Hofstra folded.


Hofstra's Second team All-CAA FB Everett Benjamin (Junior) will be available to transfer without sitting out a year.

So will Pride third team All-CAA OL Derek Moore (Sophomore)

Hofstra's 2009 recruiting class is here.


Rival two-star DE Matt Huckabee had committed to Hofstra back on 8/22/09. He will now be back in the recruiting pool.


Northeastern's First team All-CAA RB John Griffin will also be able to transfer.

Northeastern's 2009 recruiting class here.



UMass New Recreation Facility said...

Nice to see that the recreation center is open. Does anyone know why it is operated by the athletic department. They don't provide support for clubs (eg former varsity sports) so why are they in charge of this facility?

Anonymous said...

I think that Umass tried to recruit Navarus Thompson, a defensive lineman, before he signed with Hofstra last year and I think was a red shirt for the '09 season. It might be a good idea to take another look with so many D linemen leaving.

Anonymous said...

Do we know who will be given a redshirt for 2009?
Which players participated in 3 or less games?

Anonymous said...

What is the most cost effective way to recruit this kids?

We need to recruit better and more cost effectively than the other schools trying to sign these players.
How about sending 3 buses to each campus and invite them to UMass for the first weekend of the Spring Semester to visit our campus, check out all of our athletic facilities, new recreation center and walk the campus. The weather shouldn't be a turnoff. We certainly have a better campus and facilities than Northeastern and Hofstra.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The University is superior in every respect to both NU and Hofstra. Time to be carpetbaggers!

Anonymous said...

what is that status of kyle havens?