Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday before the Hofstra Game-- 11/17/09

The four UMass Football players who were arrested in October have had their cases continued. Their charges will be dropped on March 15, 2010 if there are no further problems.


Matty V. looks at the status of the CAA one week before the playoffs.


How the FCS Championship series works by CSN.

Chuck Burton of CSN looks at who's in.


Next year's FBS/I-A opponent Michigan failed to file players practice logs as required by the NCAA-----for the whole year.


The Sports Network looks at the latest FCS poll and finds the Salukis are still #1.


Keepers College football ratings has UMass by less than a field goal over Hofstra.


Remember when you were in High School and you kinda thought the teachers would have to be crazy, because after all, they were serving a life sentence in the educational system? A Massachusetts principal banned students from using the word "Meep!" (from the Muppets character "Beaker").

UPDATE: a lawyer, in solidarity with the students, sent the principal a one-word e-mail saying "Meep". The school system called the police on her.


I'll try to be back later today with a Web Album from the JMU game.

And you meeping meepers better behave yourselves in the meeping comments section.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the seniors. Have a great last game and all success and health and happiness to you always.