Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Rainy Day at McGuirk

It started raining torrents as I slogged back to my truck. A soggy end of a disappointing day. I had a feeling this was going to be a close game. Both teams had very good defenses. Both teams have had inconsistent offenses.

Once again, the UMass defense played well enough to win. They only gave up 10 points. JMU had a fair amount of yards, but they had to punt seven times. The Dukes had the ball on the UMass six yard line and the defense held them to a field goal. No JMU points in the second half.

The UMass offense again struggled. However, the JMU defense is very good. I watched the Dukes defense on a TV game destroy a Delaware offense that ran all over us. This game was going to be tough going offensively no matter what the situation. We needed to play error free football, and then turned over the ball on the first three offensive series. That was the game right there.

Mrs Blog didn't like the punt on the four and four, and neither did the crowd, but I can see the coaches point. If we went for it and failed---and four and four is a long shot ---the game was over. We had three time outs and the Dukes punter was only averaging 26 yards a punt. The UMass defense was holding , but then JMU hit their only long pass of the game . I was reminded of another loss in the rain at Rhode Island, when the Rams completed what felt like their only pass of the game, to win.

We need to play for pride at the Pride next week and end with a winning record.


UMass write-up with notes, quotes and more here.

An abbreviated story from JMU here.



Anonymous said...

The game would no be over if we went for it on 4th a four from their 39. If we fail to make it there is still over 4 mins left and we still have all of our timeouts. A 19 yard difference does not make the game over. Failing to score does and Morris showed zero confidence in his offense to make a season saving play. He put the ball in JMU's hands instead of his own players and it cost him. They were never even given a chance. Horrible decision just part of overall predictable and bland play calling that has killed us all year. If our offense can't score consistently with Nelson, Cruz, and Horne what will happen next year when we have nothing close to that core group of talent. More creative and inventive play calling is a must and Morris needs to play to win and attack weaknesses in teams defenses.

Anonymous said...

where is the leadership from the qb? Havens should have been screaming at Morris to go for it. No confidence in himself is what that shows me.

Anonymous said...

I second that notion. Besides for Hernandez, there hasn't been any opportunity for any underclassmen skill guys to step up.

Anonymous said...

Agree with previous post the play was to go for it without question, and if not then to punt right away and not waste 35 seconds.

you run a 1 back set and you place pressure on a QB who hasnt handled it all year.the d knows it seems we dont.

Havens is the equivalent of a high school freshman. His mechanics look like it his thought process looks like it and he plays like it.

the biggest miss of season is that coaches have not reacted to the obvious.

Anonymous said...

This was the first time in over thirty years that I did NOT buy my season ticket becuase I had become tired of the level of football we play at UMass, a LARGE flagship state school. I attended ONE game.

The results of this year's play give me little incentive to buy a season ticket next year.

I will always love my alma mater, but....

Anonymous said...

Whipple would have gone for it

Anonymous said...

I love the "thirty years comment!" UMass has completed the most successful 10 year stretch of football in it's history. And...the level of play the last several years is slipping??????

Anonymous said...

With only one more year left of eligibility, Havens had to step up and produce immediately. He didn't, and UMass should consider a freshman recruit and take their chances with him; otherwise, give Ocatavious the chance at running the offense.

Anonymous said...

Thirty Years here. By level of play I mean FCS.

Anonymous said...

With the run heavy nelson leaving, pro style quarterback Havens getting worse as the season progresses, versatile and speedy RB's Hernandez, Gonnet, and Smith returning, Hawkins with his such amazing athleticism for a QB that he has been used on special teams,Maybe the Minutemen should leave their pro style offense and go to the spread. The pro style offense is not gonna get much better next year with Nelson departing and targets Cruz and Horne gone too. Hernandez has shown spurts of greatness, but his strengths are not in between the tackles. Hawkins has not really been given a chance, but played well in his limited reps in the spring game. In the spread Hawkins can open up the field with his speed and athleticism.

On a much more positive note, the defense next year should still be strong as long as underclassmen step up on the D-Line. The coaches have done an unbelievable job finding Lb's the past two years with recruiting most likely first team all conference Holmes, RS Freshmen Adeoba who was rookie of the week week one, true freshmen Mcintyre who has been phenominal when used all year, and transfer Melee who played well when finally healthy.