Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday News----11/29/09

Northeastern players try to find a way to move on.


Recaps and box scores on the CAA squads who went 4-0 yesterday.

Three links from the New Hampshire Football Report on UNH's big win over McNeese State here.

Brett Kahn of The Sports Network has a long article on the Villanova-Holy Cross game.


All the FCS playoff scores here.

Game capsules for all the FCS playoff games here.

At one time the Montana Grizzlies were down 41-14 to South Dakota State. This article covers their astonishing comeback.

The Citizen-Times looks at Appalachian State's struggle to win over South Carolina State.


Anonymous said...

It is sad that UNH's program maintains a good if not great level of success year in and year out(8 straight playoff appearances) while we have a couple of years of success then revert back to mediocrity. Coaching stability has it's merits.

Anonymous said...

I think many of the NU players will be able to continue to play football even if it means dropping to Division II. Some the young standout players, like Jordan Batts could move up to an FBS team, but I'd like to think that someone like John Griffin, who led the CAA, could finish up at a place like UMass or UNH, both of which are losing their starting backs. I think UMass should consider several of the players as should the rest of CAA. These are fine and worthy young men and a good bunch of players. Geve 'em a shot.

Anonymous said...

Often it isn't that coaches don't want to give kids a shot by bringing them in as transfers. It's more to do with how their credits transfer and their course work applies to the degree the new school offers. The NCAA requires that to play a transfer has to have a specific number of credit hours that apply to the degree program they are in. It doesn't matter whether the transfer has straight A's or straight C's (grades below C's don't transfer) if the courses taken at NU don't match the degree course requirements at the university that the kid wants to tranfer to he is simply screwed. He can have the number of credit hours to qualify as say, a junior or senior, but if the couses he took for a degree at Northeastern aren't the same as those required at say, Maine, then the courses don't apply. Thus, the transfer won't meet NCAA requirements to have a certain number of credit hours completed to the degree program he is in and therefore he will be ineligible at the new school.

When something like this happens to a kid he or she is generally put in a terrible situation as far as being able to continue their athletic career. Most of the time they are better off just staying where they are and completing their degree by riding the gravy train that NU has offered them.

I wish each of them the best of luck!

Anonymous said...

coach brown left umass as a head coach to go become defensive coordinator at a school that went 2 and 10 on the year.his last year here he barely broke even
this is the stability you want