Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Morning News--11/23/09

Northeastern cancels its Football Program. Wow! I am very sorry for Northeastern fans.

More from ESPN and from the Boston Globe here and here. The Boston Herald here.

R.I.P. Huskies football. A loss for New England football.


UNH faces McNeese State in the first round of the playoffs.

All of Saturday's FCS scores here.

Chuck Burton looks at the 2009 playoff field.

More information about the 2009 FCS Championship tournament here.


Anonymous said...

we end up tied with northeastern and they cut football? wow.

Anonymous said...

The demise of Northeastern football only adds to my uneasiness concerning UMass football. The CAA is going to have to make some decisions, and it seems the northern schools have little say, or sway, in the conversation. Scheduling becomes an immediate question as one automatic game every year is off the board.

Anonymous said...

posted this yesterday. Hope Frank lets me post it again. Want to make sure our athletic dept moves quickly to get transfers to UMass since they won't have to sit out a year.

WCRN - 50K watts. Lets make them the flagship or co/flagship station. Lets give them 500-1000 season tickets to use to market our football games every day of the football season.
Upton Bell, formerly GM with the Patriots has a Monday night Show before the Monday Night Football Game. What a great platform to advertise UMass Football (and UMass Sports) into the Central Mass and Boston Market.

(1) Lets buy the Northeastern Season Ticket List. (2) Lets invite some of their players to transfer to Amherst. (3) Lets grab a couple of their coaches. (4) Lets be proactive and ask Alumni to donate to hire additional coaches.

Anonymous said...

any possible transfers i wonder?

Anonymous said...

Attendence at Umass needs to pick up next year.

Anonymous said...

Some good and very good players on their program that would be of great benefit to ours.

Anonymous said...

NU has alot of kids with only one year left. I'd rather see them sign high school kids and build the program up.

Anonymous said...

To the fan that posted about getting WCRN/Upton Bell to market UMASS Football-great idea-unfortunately UMASS thinks giving out free schedules at home games,inside of McGuirk Stadium is all the marketing they can afford to do!! Memo to UMASS these customers are already there-market to the thousands who don;t know where or when the games are. Christmas is coming yet they never have season ticket packages for people to buy for retirees,laborers,friends,relatives etc. This is marketing not opening the ticket window 2 hours before kickoff!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately almost every one of their good players are seniors.

Taylor said...

I think attendance will pick up if the product on the field improves. Late in the year the only way the stands will get filled is if the team is playing for something such as a playoff sport or a conference title. The last two years the team has not been at that level. Hopefully this year with consistency in the staff during the offseason it will lead to better things to come for the new season

Anonymous said...

I hope the caa sues Northeastern. 8caa schools right now have to pick up a game thanks to NU deciding to drop football. thats not fair at all

Topsfieldfan said...

Apt.St., UNH, Montana. Every year in the mix. Maybe our program could get some pointers on what they do year in and out. Marketing needs to improve. Lights, turf & scoreboard are great but we can do more to fill seats. Let's hope next year is better. CAA North needs replacement team; any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

This Program is going down the drain I believe. UMASS better pick up everyone and anyone they could possible, because from the looks of it i see another losing season on the horizon here at UMASS. Just look at the teams coming back with Depth which we dont have next year, Teams with Talent which we surely don't have next year.

JMU (B/C of NorthEastern Leaving)
William & Mary
New Hampshire

Record does not look good so far.
We need a recruiting miricale to happen and with a 5-6 season thats close to impossible.

Anonymous said...

I'm a supporter of NU football. Very, very disappointing news. UMass should consider the following players:

Darryl Jones DB (jr.)
Nate Thellen S (jr.)
David Akinniyi LB (jr.)
Chad Hunte LB (fr.)
Liam Krahe LB (fr.)
Mike Laperriere LB (so.)
Matt Carroll QB (rfr.)
Jordon Batts WR (fr.)

There are some young players with excellent potential on the line, but they need work. Thellen and Akinniyi are going to be seniors, but they could be helpful. Carroll has much upside and a live, accurate arm. Krahe is a beast and would be a good pick up. John Griffin gained over a thousand yards and can run well.

Anonymous said...

I follow NU as well I will say this, Batts will wind up in the caa somewhere hes talented. I would take a stab at Carroll, hes a great athlete maybe a safety for umass. Jones is not a guy I want to see play for umass. Thellen has too many injuries and only a year left.

Thorr Bjorn said...

Isn't our AD over 65. Its time to bring Thorr back. - Thorr Bjorn Named Director Of Athletics At URI. Spent nearly 15 years at UMass, most recently as senior associate athletic director - link above

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me so many people pretend to care about the football program. All they really want to do is complain.