Saturday, November 14, 2009

Game Day James Madison--11/14/09

Well, it looks like a rainy send off for the seniors. The UMass defense played very well in torrents down in Richmond. If the offense can hold on to the ball, it could be trouble for the Dukes.


Ron Chimelis says it's the final home game for the UMass Seniors.

Matty V. previews the UMass-JMU game and says there is plenty at stake for the Minutemen.


Bruce Dowd is back with a issue of his FCS column "Dowd's Den".


The CAA has their "Game Day" with information about all of today's CAA games including JMU@ UMass. The game will be on Comcast Sports New England. That's channel 435 on Dish Network.


I'll be getting my rain gear together for the game shortly. Come on out to the game. You won't melt!

Go UMass!


Anonymous said...

why would you punt on 4th and 4 on the 40 with 4 minutes left. How long is his contract again????

Anonymous said...

UMASS Football 2009- Great Defense
Poor Offense.
JMU game horrible decision making on 4th down by the coaches bad execution on Downs 1,2,3 by players.
Let's hope they don't quit and lose to Hofstra.

Anonymous said...

the pass on 4th and inches was a terrible play call as well. I dont know what the coaches were thinking. Give it to Zardas or run a sneak. Scary that Thorpe is only a freshman, man that kid has some wheels.

MinuteFan said...

You punt on 4th and 4 because you know the quarterback you recruited will complete a 4th and 4 pass about 10% of the time.

Anonymous said...

zardas is the most underused athlete on that team. just looks like to me that things happen when he is on the field. He is here next year as well isnt he ?

Anonymous said...

Octavious would have gotten a first down